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Hindi kay Jesus tumutukoy ang sinabi ni Tomas na "MY GOD" sa JUAN 20:28

Malaki ang posibilidad na HINDI SI CRISTO talaga ang TINUKOY ni TOMAS nang sabihin niya ang salitang "MY GOD" o "DIOS KO" sa JUAN 20:28...

Dahil ang sinabi ni THOMAS sa GREEK ay:

“ο κυριος μου και ο θεος μου”


Ang sinabi ni TOMAS ay "HO THEOS" [ ο θεος ]

Eh kanino ba tumutukoy ang "THEOS" [ θεος ] kapag may nakakabit na DEFINITE ARTICLE na "HO" [ο ]???

Sabi sa Strong Concordance:

"Strongs# 02316: theos: a deity, figuratively, a magistrate. Especially (when used with #3588, the definite article "Ho"): the supreme Divinity; by Hebraism, very God [Almighty God, YHVH the Father of Jesus.]"

Maliwanag ang sabi ni STRONG na kapag ang "THEOS" ay may kasamang DEFINITE ARTICLE na "HO" at ang bigkas ay "HO THEOS", ito ay tumutukoy sa "ALMIGHTY GOD, YHVH the FATHER OF JESUS."

At malinaw din na pinatutunayan ng mga aklat na ito na ang “HO THEOS” ay tumutukoy sa AMA:

‘IN MANY INSTANCES when the def. art. HO occurs before THEOS, God, PARTICULAR REFERENCE IS MADE TO GOD THE FATHER (Zodhiates, Spiros, The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament, AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, TN (1992), p. 730).”

"God" in Greek "HO THEOS", ALWAYS MEANS THAT FATHER WHOM JESUS REVEALED, identical with the "HO THEOS" of the Old Testament, YAHWEH." [The Power and Wisdom: An Interpretation of the New Testament, by John L. McKenzie, page 133].

Malinaw na hindi talaga kay JESUS tumutukoy ang sinabi ni TOMAS na..."MY GOD" [ο θεος μου - "HO THEOS MOU", kaya hindi siya SINAWAY ni JESUS sa tagpong iyon, dahil alam ni Jesus na hindi para sa kaniya ang sinabi ni Tomas na “MY GOD” o "DIYOS KO".


  1. pwede poh ba pakibigyan ng paLiwanag yung GENESIS 21:20

  2. The presence of conjunction "and" in John 20:28 proved that it was Jesus that Thomas was referring to.

    so it's like "and ganda mo at sexy pa"
    can u say the later description referred to other person? No!

    we always use "and" when u want to add something to describe to please the person. unless they omitted it then it would make a difference from my claim.
    surely ur confusing this simple wording of Thomas.

    1. There were so many passages that Jesus was referred to as God or son of God. u can't say God begets man or a spirit begets human.
      there are some instances that it happened like what he did to Adam when he was called the son of God. Because he was created by God and therefore the son of God.

      However, Jesus was called the son of God thru baptism.
      the perfect description must be "the begotten son of God" which mean he was a distinctive born of God thru the holy spirit.
      he was formed inside the womb thru the sperm in the form of the Holy spirit which make him a unique kind. because it came from God's sperm then it's understood that God begot Jesus.
      All of us are sons of God in a physical form, But only those will be called spiritual sons of God if u r guided by the holy spirit.

  3. See this form of sentence in the bible?

    John 20:28
    New International Version (NIV)

    28 Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”

    Thomas said his word in reference to only one man which states as "My Lord AND My God"

    Thomas must have read this when he state his word.

    Isaiah 9:6
    And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    whatever the result of this discussion it turned out that Jesus was and is God at the end.

  4. However, Mr. Lim John we can also state senteces of two or more subjects. The subjects in the verse are the two, The God and The Lord.

  5. Marjun, u need to enhance ur bible study more. There were no two subjects there when he faced the person of interest. Try.

  6. Thomas said TO HIM: Who? Of course, it was Jesus and nothing more.
    What did Thomas say after touch? He said in reference of him, MY Lord AND My God.
    it's clear and u don't have to argue more than we read.

    so it's like, "Ang Gwapo mo at ang Macho pa"
    this is how we use "and" in the sentence.
    He wasn't surprise. because he stayed there long before he initiate the examine.

    how could the iglesya added it when it mentioned nothing?

  7. The pronoun "My God" made Thomas'sentence more accurate in reference to Jesus.

    If he claimed his "My God" in reference to God the father.
    then the bible scribblers should have explained the usage of "My God" with consistency instead of writing "Our God" which is more respectful and accurate to apply.

    Have u been using "My God" in the midst of ur Brothers and sisters? No, Of course not! it would be impractical & insensible for the rest.
    "Our God" is more accurate!

    -end discussion.

  8. ["God" in Greek "HO THEOS", ALWAYS MEANS THAT FATHER WHOM JESUS REVEALED, identical with the "HO THEOS" of the Old Testament, YAHWEH." [The Power and Wisdom: An Interpretation of the New Testament, by John L. McKenzie, page 133]

    Of course! God is the Father and the head of the family. Why? Because he is the creator of all things. Creation made himself a Father of all things.

    Yet we read that it was Jesus, created all things under the administration of God.

    is there a conflict of interest between the Father? No!
    if we read Isaiah 9:6 of what it says the description of the son.
    "For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
    And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

    he was called the Son and later the Father accordingly.

    again, is there a conflict of interest in between ?

    u see, Being a Father in heaven defines a position as a creator. it's an office assumed by one member of God.

    They are plural in form but singular in usage. John explained that there were Two member of God. i can not say "Gods" since this is the way a collective group used in a grammatical structure.
    Both Jesus and the other member belonged to the group called God.
    The Genesis tells that God created the world, but in the New testament it was Jesus who created. so if we analyze the whole concept it appears that Jesus had been God all along in the past. He was called the Father and later the son. it's an office where everyone can assume.

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