Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Message to all the Brethrens in TORONTO Area

Dear Brethrens in TORONTO CANADA,

There is a fellow who is flooding the INTERNET with TONS of LIES against the INC, visiting our fellow BRETHRENS BLOGS and FORUMS and ATTACKING our BELOVED CHURCH by spreading numerous LIES and HERESIES, and saying  certain things that are BLEMISHING the CLEAN name of our CHURCH.

Among the ID’s he’s using are ERIC, TRUECHRISTIAN, AMIRA, BRIDEOFLAMB, etc... 

1.   He is still an INC member, who joined because of the Request of his dying MOTHER in LAW, of course to MARRY his FILIPINA WIFE.

2.     His WIFE is an active INC Member, and a MEMBER of the CHOIR in their CONGREGATION.

3.     He is an AMERICAN who is living in CANADA, and working as an ENGLISH PROFESSOR.

4.   He is not ATTENDING INC Worship SERVICES anymore, which of course very easy to be determined by verifying it from the attendance record among those AMERICAN WHITE MAN who have a FILIPINA WIFE who is a CHOIR MEMBER.

There you have it brethrens, you can start in using these clues, in identifying him.

We must take ACTION to put an end of his MADNESS, LUNACY, and HERETICAL ACTS.  The Bible said we must condemn this kind of people.

Galatians 1:8  “But even if we or an angel from heaven SHOULD PREACH TO YOU A GOSPEL THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE WE PREACHED TO YOU, MAY HE BE CONDEMNED TO HELL!” [Good News Bible]

We must CONDEMN those FELLOWS who is an INC Member and yet preaching a doctrine that is different from what we have learned from Christ and the Apostles, trough the MESSENGER sent by God in these LAST DAYS.

We must REMOVE the WICKED MAN from among us.

1 Corinthians 5:11  “Now, what I meant was that you should not associate with PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES BROTHERS OR SISTERS IN THE CHRISTIAN FAITH but live in sexual sin, are greedy, WORSHIP FALSE GODS, USE ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, get drunk, or are DISHONEST. Don't eat with such people.”

1 Corinthians 5:12  “After all, do I have any business judging those who are outside the Christian faith? Isn't it your business to judge those who are inside?”

1 Corinthians 5:13  “God will judge those who are outside. REMOVE THAT WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOU.” [God’s Word Bible]

Eric is guilty of those THREE OFFENSES [those capitalized] mentioned above, he is WORSHIPING a FALSE GOD – for he does not believe that the FATHER is the ONLY TRUE GOD [John 7:1,3, 20:17], He is using ABUSIVE WORDS against the CHURCH by calling it a CULT and our MESSENGER a FALSE PROPHET. He is DISHONEST, for no one in the CONGREGATION nor our brethrens who knew him personally knew of his anti INC acts. And he deliberately inventing INC doctrines that the INC never taught and he is saying that it is an INC Doctrine, misleading those who do not knew about the INC.

So let us all unite in LOCATING him, IDENTIFYING him, and REMOVE him from our CHURCH…

Let us all be VIGILANT in defending our faith as the BIBLE said…because the INSTRUMENTS of the DEVIL are scattered even in the INTERNET:

Jude 1:3  “My dear friends, I really wanted to write you about God's saving power at work in our lives. But instead, I must write and ask you to DEFEND THE FAITH THAT GOD HAS ONCE FOR ALL GIVEN TO HIS PEOPLE.” [Contemporary English Version]

God bless to all of you Brothers and Sisters in Christ…


  1. I'm not from local of toronto but my local is within the greater toronto area. It will be hard for us to locate him and identify him. As you said that he's not attending worship services anymore.are you sure that he's local is toronto? Or somewhere else? Give us more info. Regarding this man.

  2. Anonymous,

    He mentioned last time that he was from Toronto…

    But as I can see every time he appear in my Blog to post a message a TORONTO, CANADA FLAG is appearing in the LIVE TRAFFIC FEED that you can see in the Right Side.

    Well we can interview any Filipina Senior's Choir Member in that Locale who have a WHITE Husband [An American], and investigate who are among them who have a husband who does not attend our Worship Services. I'm pretty sure that he is still registered since he said that he's attending also once in a blue moon, just to keep his wife from not getting ousted or removed from the Choir. Which is again a part of his tons of CONTRADICTING STATEMENTS.

    If I am there the first move that I would do is to acquire a List from the Locale's Secretarial Office Regarding those NON FILIPINO MEMBERS who oftently ABSENT or does NOT ATTEND at all, from which we can acquire without too much difficulties. Let's Character Checked them and identify who among them have a WIFE that is ACTIVELY a CHOIR MEMBER.

    I know it would not be easy, but if we could spread this message to the other LOCALES in the TORONTO Area. We might have a chance to locate him.

    I will ask the help other brethrens who happened to have encountered him on the net and in their blogs. I know the fellow is a great LIAR, but there is still some details about him that he remained consistent, among those I mentioned already.

    God bless to you, just pass the message, ok?

  3. Aerail

    Be prepared for litigation

    You do nOT defame people with your blog

    You have this weekend to delete this assault or authorities will ahve an injunction placed on you

    For Defamation of character


    The choice is yours

    1. Nagtatago naman tong si Mr.Liar.

      Kawawa ka naman.Ikaw na pala authority.Ikaw na.

      Hanga ako sa lakas ng luwang ng turnilyo mo.

  4. Oh you're very afraid ha? I can feel you’re SHAKING up to your BONES.

    What DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER you're talking about. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

    You said that no one in the internet would say or reveal his TRUE IDENTITY. So why it bothers you now? Are you trying to tell me now that all what you said about yourself in the INTERNET were ALL LIES?

    So open your Bible now, so that you could meet your TRUE FATHER [John 8:44], say Hi for me, hehehehe!!!

    The INTERNET are filled with EVIDENCES of your LIES against the INC, It is the INC who should be filing CHARGES against you, and that is bound to happen once you got EXCOMMUNICATED.

    Once you were INDENTIFIED by my fellow BRETHRENS in CANADA, it will be your problem not mine.

    And once you involve the Authorities, and file charges to a FELLOW BRETHREN, then that is a mistake for that would reveal who you really are, and that would be another offence in the teachings of the Apostles which was where the INC’s teachings are based.

    You will surely be EXCOMMUNICATED or WILL BE REMOVED in the INC, since that is not allowed in the INC's Doctrines that are based in the Bible:

    1 Cor 6:1 “WHEN ONE OF YOU HAS SOMETHING AGAINST SOMEONE ELSE IN YOUR GROUP, WHY DO YOU GO TO THE JUDGES IN THE LAW COURTS? The way they think and live is wrong. So why do you let them decide who is right? Why don't you let God's holy people decide who is right?” [Easy to Read Version]

    So by doing that you will be aiding the INC to fulfill easily what I have said here in my message, and that is to EXCOMMUNICATE YOU!!!

    So go ahead Eric, do what you like, for there is no one afraid here in what’s about to happen but YOU.

    Kindly say Hi to your WIFE for me. Just say “Hi Sister, from Brother Aerial…”

  5. Hahahahaha! very funny ERIC, you're saying that Brother Aerial is DEFAMING YOUR CHARACTER, poor. I am a witness on how you DEFAME and DEGRADE the NAME of our RELIGION, the BELOVED Religion of your WIFE. For there is a lot of your LIES that are scattered all over INC Blogs, Forums, and Websites.

    You said Brother Aerial here is a SLANDERER!

    And yet you do not know the meaning of the word SLANDER?

    "Slander is the oral act of defamation."

    Source: ""

    Slander is ORAL not WRITTEN DEFAMATION...very lousy statement from an ENGLISH PROFESSOR.

    File a CHARGE against Brother Aerial, then you will be EXCOMMUNICATED by the INC for sure, then prepare for the Worst CIRCUMSTANCES, for the INC will sue you AFTERWARDS because of your LIBELOUS statement against the INC.

    And you can never deny them, for there are a lot of your Anti-INC acts recorded in the Internet.

    Bro. Aerial is not guilty of DEFAMING YOUR CHARACTER for what he said here really came from you.

    It is you who should be Sued, and that's very likely to happen to you, after you got removed from the INC. For you are not just attacking an individual here, but the INC Organization as a whole.

  6. OH

    so the INC can sue ??? lol

    Ny Gosh you are 2 FOOLS!!!

  7. What do you think? The INC Cannot?

    "October 6, 2007

    ANG Dating Daan spiritual leader Eliseo Soriano will now face charges of libel before the lower court after the Court of Appeals junked his appeal to stop the trial of his case based on the charges filed by Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) ministers."



    Definitely the INC can SUE, and there is no stopping them once they IDENTIFIED and EXCOMMUNICATED you ERIC.

    You are the one who is definitely a FOOL and a GRAVE LIAR! Your LIBELOUS ACTS will surely come to its very end...

  8. Eric,

    I would just like to remind you, that I have given you a set of rules that you need to follow, if you want to indulge yourself in a discussion on any issues about the INC here in BLOG.

    Remember this message of mine that I posted last October 14, 2011?


    “You need to follow the RULES.

    1. You need to answer all the questions that is being asked on you. If you do not know the answer or you cannot give an answer, you will admit point blank and say: “I do not know the answer”.

    2. You need to PROVE the INC’s Doctrine FALSE by defeating me on every issue according to the PROPER ORDER, based on the ARRANGEMENT in the INC Official BIBLE LESSONS MANUAL that you LEARNED. (1) The Bible is the Word of God (2) The True God (3) The True Nature of Jesus Christ etc…etc…etc… So we will start on LESSON No. 2 – about the TRUE GOD, since we both agree that the BIBLE is the Word of GOD. if you win on this topic, then we will move on to the NEXT TOPIC.

    3. You need to stick to the topic that is being discussed, and do not insert issues that is not related to the topic that we are discussing.

    4. You need to show documented proofs to support your stand on the Issue.

    5. Use your Bible, by not only giving me chapters and verses but by quoting the VERSES.

    6. If I ask you to show me a proof from the Bible, you will quote the passage as your answer, if you cannot show me the verse, you have to admit directly and say “It’s not in the Bible.”


    If you cannot follow all of that rules, stop visiting my BLOG, for you are just a waste of my precious time, and I will SURELY DELETE ALL YOUR MESSAGES that you will post here starting TODAY [That was Since October 14, 2011]

    I have the right to give you THESE RULES for this is my BLOG and NOT YOURS. If you want a place where your rules are being followed, CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG and don’t disturb mine.

    MY BLOG! MY RULES! Don’t you ever forget that!”

    Unless you can follow these RULES, there is no way you could ever again POST in my BLOG. I know you are an EDUCATED Person, and you can easily Understand my Fake Brother in the INC that similar to the README Blog, you are BANNED for posting here in my BLOG also.

    Follow that RULES then you can POST again…If you CANNOT, please don’t waste your time posting, for I will surely DELETE it…like what I just did right now…

  9. Bye! Bye! Eric. It will end soon. ^_^

  10. I already told you many many Times Eric, you follow the rules I have stated above in order for me to allow you to post again here in my BLOG.

    You want a discussion regarding the CHURCH issue, we must start our discussion first on the TRUE GOD issue which is LESSON no. 2 of the INDOCTRINATION.

    You want to PROVE all INC's teachings FALSE? Why can't you prove it in the proper order, discussing every issue along the way. based on the proper order of Lessons that had been taught to us, that unfortunately you did not learned any.

    The only way to get in an INC and to gain advantage, is to prove first FALSE its PRIMARY DOCTRINE. About GOD and about JESUS CHRIST.

    Being the FATHER as the ONLY TRUE GOD, and Jesus Christ as a MAN which God had sent to save us.

    Let us finish the DISCUSSION on this MANNER. Following the RULES which I stated above.

    You want us to believe in your so called SALVATION PLAN? And yet you cannot convince us that what you believed about your God is the correct teaching?


    Because how would you say that the teachings that you believed in about that salvation plan your talking about is the CORRECT ONE or the one taught by the TRUE GOD. If you do not know the TRUE GOD nor you can convince us that your GOD is the TRUE GOD.

    There is no way you can convince an INC member with your bizarre beliefs unless you convince him First that what he believes about GOD is FALSE.

    So you want to START a DISCUSSION here. I have already given you a set of RULES which I will also obey.

    Obey that RULES then I will allow you to post again here in my BLOG...

    And please TRY TO USE YOUR BIBLE…because that’s the reason you have one, right? So use it by quoting passages from it.

    Obey them not or accept them not...Then, you can call me anything you LIKE, because I will not get tired of DELETING your POSTS, which I relentlessly done already, with pleasure hehehehehe.

    Remember this is my BLOG, so you have to follow my RULES…

  11. See Eric you cannot follow my rules because your Belief is UNBIBLICAL.

    And these are the reasons why you cannot obey my rules.

    1. You are a question evader, you never answer a question directly. You have a PHOBIA of questions answerable by YES and NO. You always GO around a question and insert other issues, instead of going direct to the point on the question being ask.

    2. You cannot stick on a single topic and you always stick with your BAPTISM and SALVATION PLAN which was refuted already many many times, but you don't accept our answer, and you repeatedly asking the same question over and over, though it was answered repeatedly.

    3. You don't quote Biblical Passages, and never will show a VERSE if someone ask you to show it from the Bible, you would always resort in Your LAME EXCUSES instead of admitting it DIRECTLY, that it is not in the Bible.

    4. Your Belief is Opinion Based and not Bible based, that's why it is very difficult for you to comply with my rules.

    5. You are not capable of refuting the INC's teaching regarding the TRUE GOD. You cannot prove that the FATHER of Jesus Christ is not the ONLY TRUE GOD. That's why you're avoiding this.

    So I will not waste my time discussing with you.

    Stop posting in my BLOG with your NONSENSE, for I will surely DELETE it.


    Tell that White Dragon that you are PROMOTING a lot, if he can follow my rules here in my BLOG he is most WELCOME to debate me here in my BLOG.

  12. Oh Eric you started to act as an UNEDUCATED PERSON...

    Which part of the PHRASE


    That you don't understand? Ha?

    Stop posting for I will just DELETE it, sorry because your PESKINESS won't help you.

    Hahahahaha Bye bye Eric,

    You said no one is reading my BLOG? Wrong again, look more than 38,000 PAGEVIEWS, 7773 VISITORS, FROM 73 COUNTRIES, and see the interval of my viewers in the LIVE TRAFFIC FEEDS? Just minutes, not hours nor days.

    Wake up ERIC...I think you're Dreaming...hahahahaha

  13. I post it here Bro. AC

    Gusto na daw umuwi ni Eli Soriano sa Pilipinas

    Pinatitingnan nya yung CASE na isinampa natin sa kanya sa kasalukuyang Gobyerno,matanda na daw siya at gusto nyang mamatay sa kanyang bansa. Miss na daw nya ang daddy nya este ang mga Filipino

  14. CAtch me if you can17 November 2011 at 21:11


    come and FIND me

    Catch me if you can

    Here comes the BIG BAD ADMIN

    ha ha ha

    You FOOL and LOST SHEEP!

  15. Eric sounds like a lost teenager... anyways I like this blog its very sophisticated :) kudos to you Aerial

  16. Anonymous

    You sound like a LOST SHEEP being led to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE by MANALO(GOAT)

  17. I can be a witness to this eric d'liar. I first encounter him in one of the forum I joined and get bored of the moderator/owner of that forum because he/they do not enforce their rule. They/ cannot discipline eric d'liar, aka brideoflamb/aka un-TRUECHRISTIAN. He is ognorant of our docrine he is full of lies in his head. Come on eric d'liar, sue me too, so that I can slap all of my evidence against you! He bragged of being an english professor,but look at his grammar,it is just like an english grammar of a kindergarten pupil!lol! Nice one bro.aerial!!!

  18. Provide your YM ID MR ANONYMOUS5 December 2011 at 18:45

    ReallY anonymous

    Well if I am so STUPID and illiterate and ignorant of the Bible and of the English language, well then you should have no problem providing me with your YM ID , so that we can debate via cam concerning a myriad of topics.. RIGHT??


    such as:

    1. That you claim WATER baptism is a REQUIREMENT set forth in the Bible to be of the BODY of JESUS?

    2. That your ACT or work of FAITH or BELIEVING is a COMPONENT to be of the BODY of JESUS?

    3.That NO ONE is SAVED outside of the IGlesia NI Cristo, and that if INC doesnt build a church in ones town, the people are DOOMED for HELL?

    4. That a 12 yrold boy who has reached this SUPPOSED age of accountability is DOOMED for the LAKE of FIRE because if he should DIE BEFORE he was WATER baptized, thus nOT being a MEMBER of the TRUE CHURCH, thus NOT being of the BODY of JESUS??

    OH you mean

    THESE FALSE DOCTRINES of which I SUPPOSEDLY dont know?? lol

  19. HAPPY holidays to all22 December 2011 at 01:54

    Where have all the LOUD MOUTHS gone on here?

    Look at your own INC handbook which is given to newly WATER baptized members of INC

    It says:

    Now you are PART of the BODY of CHRIST

    then further down

    its HOPED that you will be among the ones who will see JESUS on the last day

    HOPING when it clearly says you are of the BODY of JESUS already after your WATER BAPTISM CEREMONY??

    Come on AERIal

    talk your way out of that

    As I have said all along to anyone who wants to know the TRUTH :

    1. WATER baptism doesnt play ANY ROLE in getting SIN absolved or ERASED of SIN

    2. WATER baptism is NOT a REQUIREMENT to be of the BODY of JESUS

    WATER baptism is a TYPE of BA^TISM and it ONLY is a CEREMONY or RITUAL or RITE HONORING the ONE BAPTISM when sweet JESUS WASHED or CLEANSED or BAPTIZED the SOULS of those that were PART of HIS BODY!

    ONCE HE did that one WORK all of the SINS of those of HIS BODY have been PAID for!

    So when INC says that One is of the BODY

    There is no HOPING one will be among those who will see JESUS in the End and will be with HIM

    THE WORK or SACRIFICE or the PAYMENT of the PENALTY of SIN has been COMPLETED!!!

  20. ang tunay na may respeto..matotong magbigay ng mabuting Komento.......gusto nyo man o hindi ang natuklasan nyong katotohanan..respeto pa rin ang kailangan..
    AKO..PO bilang kaanib sa IGLESIA NI CRISTO.....
    Tangi ang Hangad lang po namin na kayo man din ay ..makaalam ng katotohanang sadyang na mahalaga sa Ikapagtatamo ng BUHAY NA WALANG HANGGAN ......
    Bakit di na lang po natin hayaan ang sarili para magsuri ng mabuti kung ANO talaga ang..INC?????

    Dumalo po Kayo sa mga araw at oras ng mga pagsambang Isinasagawa sa loob ng INC.......


  21. Rose

    If your post is directed to me. I am NOT PINOY and cant read Tagolog

    Please repost in English


  22. Well well

    LETs update here for EVERYONE to read

    MY wife has "SEEN THE LIGHT" and has LEFT this Church of MANALO. She now reads and views Correct Christian Apologists like James White of Alpha and Omega ministries and Jay Smith ,as well as David Wood among others.

    She saw the vain REPETITIONS of verses like ACTS 20;28 LAMSA

    She researched on who George Lamsa was and how RIDICULOUS it was to ONLY cite his bible VERSION for one MISTRANSLATED verse!

    What has the supposed one true church done in the meantime since we last chatted on here?

    They require their lost sheep to affix their signature and to take an OATH to "BEAR FRUIT" and to tell how many that will be.. lol

    Even for INC sub-standards, that's reaching a NEW LOW!

  23. Just an update for you Aerial

    No need to continue any search for

    The GLORIOUS day was not long ago.. well almost 2 years now when MY wife saw the LIGHT and left not ONLY as a choir member but left this CULT of INC

    Funny thing is that only 2 times in 2 YEARS did any local minister or OVERSEER visit our home in any lame attempt to convince here to return to the "FOLD":

    MY wife looked them directly in the eyes and told them that she has JESUS in her life and knows the COUNTERFEIT JESUS that INC had been teaching her for years

    I can honestly say that the BREAKING point for her is that she got 2 completely different answers for 2 ministers concerning the FATE of those who lived during this SUPPOSED 2000 years of TOTAL apostasy

    The first minister said that anyone whom lived during this time will be JUDGED according to whats on the HEARTS and they will PAY for their own sins. if they are

    The second minister said they No one is saved during this time as there was NO one to teach the TRUE WORD of GOD!

    Love to hear your answer to this but it really doesnt matter


  24. May question lang po ako sa Cor. 5:12 "GOD WILL JUDGE THE OUTSIDE(Church/Body of Christ)"

    1. May chance po ba na maligtas ang mga tao na outside the Church/Body of Christ pag dating ng Judgement Day??(Kasi kahit papano may mga mabubuting tao din kahit di po sila kasali sa Church/Body of Christ)

    2. Pag sinabi po bang God will Judge the outside(Church/Body of Christ), is eternal hell Judgment na?? O may chance pang maligtas??

    Thanks for the answer

    1. Ang answers ko:

      1.If there are good works but no faith,parang balewala rin ang ginagawa mo.

      2.Meron.Find the "True Church" that Christ purchased by His Own Blood.

  25. Hi friends! I was just searching about for the philippines in the bible and bigla ko na lang nakita itong blog. Alam ko 2017 na at super late ko na sya nabasa. I am a Catholic and planning to convert as Christian soon. Gusto ko lang po sana sabihin na nakakalungkot isipin na kapwa pilipino nagaaway at nagsisiraan ng ating kanya kanyang relihiyon. Wag po sana ganoon. Magrespetuhan po tayo sa kanya kanya nating paniniwala at pananampalataya. Kahit saan naman po natin tignan iisa lang ang isinasamba nating Diyos at yun naman ang importante. Db. Na nasa puso at buhay natin si Hesukristo.

    God Bless.

  26. Hi friends! I was just searching about for the philippines in the bible and bigla ko na lang nakita itong blog. Alam ko 2017 na at super late ko na sya nabasa. I am a Catholic and planning to convert as Christian soon. Gusto ko lang po sana sabihin na nakakalungkot isipin na kapwa pilipino nagaaway at nagsisiraan ng ating kanya kanyang relihiyon. Wag po sana ganoon. Magrespetuhan po tayo sa kanya kanya nating paniniwala at pananampalataya. Kahit saan naman po natin tignan iisa lang ang isinasamba nating Diyos at yun naman ang importante. Db. Na nasa puso at buhay natin si Hesukristo.

    God Bless.

  27. Hi friends! I was just searching about for the philippines in the bible and bigla ko na lang nakita itong blog. Alam ko 2017 na at super late ko na sya nabasa. I am a Catholic and planning to convert as Christian soon. Gusto ko lang po sana sabihin na nakakalungkot isipin na kapwa pilipino nagaaway at nagsisiraan ng ating kanya kanyang relihiyon. Wag po sana ganoon. Magrespetuhan po tayo sa kanya kanya nating paniniwala at pananampalataya. Kahit saan naman po natin tignan iisa lang ang isinasamba nating Diyos at yun naman ang importante. Db. Na nasa puso at buhay natin si Hesukristo.

    God Bless.


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