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The Man with the Number ‘666’ that is Mentioned in Revelations

For the benefit of those non-Filipino speaking Brethrens and Friends , here is my English Version of “Ang May Numerong 666 na Binabanggit sa Apocalypsis” post, Please take note that this is not an exact word for word translation of my original post in Filipino, so expect to find a few differences from the original:

     THE book of Revelations which was written by Apostle John in the isle of Patmos is considered the book of symbols and prophecies.  In this book we can find a very popular number that created a lot of controversies and frights to a numerous number of people in the world:  This is the number 666. Let us now read from the scriptures the verse where this number is written:

Revelations 13:18  “Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY AND SIX.” [Revised Version]

People have lots of speculations, opinions, and predictions as to what is the meaning, and as to whom this number is referred to.  There are some folks that said the number 666 will bring you bad luck or misfortune, that’s why superstitious beliefs sprung out of it.  There are some individuals who were experiencing fright just to see the number posted anywhere.  There are also some fellows who believed that the number pertains to the Devil himself or certain terrorists like Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, or even the President of the United States Ronald Reagan do not escape as a suspect.  Jehovah’s Witnesses also have their own version, saying that this number was fulfilled with the Worldwide Power which is known as the United Nations. That’s why there is a need for us to determine the true meaning of the number 666 and who is the particular fulfillment of this prophecy.

The Number Stands For The Name of a Man

What does the number 666 stands for, this will be made clear to us by one Popular Bible Version:

Revelations 13:18  “This calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for the name of someone. Its number is 666.”  [Good News Translation]

Very clearly expressed by the Bible that the number 666 (Six hundred and sixty six) stands for the name of someone – a man which was likened to a beast, and by means of wisdom and understanding we would be able to count (as mentioned in the Revised Version) the number of the name of a man.  That’s why it is not true that the Devil himself as the others understood it, is the one mentioned in the prophecy, and it is also inappropriate to think that that number brings bad luck, there is no reason for us to be afraid of that number. The number 666 in itself has no bad meaning. The Bible clearly explained to us that it is just that when we count that man’s name using our wisdom, it will be equal to 666.

In other words, if we’re going to get the sum of this man’s name we will arrive at a total of 666.  At this point our detractors started to enter in.  When the Iglesia Ni Cristo preached and revealed to whom this prophecy was fulfilled, they responded to us by saying that, the fulfillment of the Prophecy is our Bro. Felix Y. Manalo and Bro. Eraño G. Manalo.

This is how they explain it:

    5               6                 6

According to them if the name FELIX would be spelled in Tagalog style it would be PELIKS, then the result would be something like this:

     6                 6                    6                      =  666

And if the same method would be implemented in Ka Erdy’s name:  ERAÑO GUZMAN  MANALO then it will also result likewise:

      6                  6                     6                   =  666

That’s why it can be proven without doubt, according to them, that the fulfillment of the prophecy in the book of Revelations was indeed the father and son, FELIX and ERAÑO MANALO.

Members of the CHURCH OF CHRIST could not avoid but to laugh in this response from our detractors.  Because firstly, the Bible said use our wisdom and intelligence.  Can you call misspelling of names an act of intelligence?  Not only that, does the scriptures say that the number 666 were three Sixes placed side by side, that if we will calculate 6+6+6=18 only? Doesn’t it clearly mentioned in that passage in Revelations that the number is SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX, and not Three 6’s that is arranged side by side? By doing this, it was clearly revealed to us that this group is just guessing the prophecy’s meaning, and it’s quite obvious that they do not know the true fulfillment of that prophecy and how to prove it by using a sound reasoning based from the Bible.

A problem will arise if we’re going to accept their argument correct, because it would appear then that, that prophecy could be fulfilled to hundreds or even thousands of people in the world, whose name would fit in that criteria.  Because not only Bro. Felix and Bro. Eraño’s name would fall in that category. Actually there are even names that you don’t need to misspell at all, just count them directly and you would end up having the same result, as long as they have 6 letters in their first, middle, and last names, like the examples below:

                            ALEXIS  ROMANA MOLINA
                                 6                 6                 6                     =  666

                            ISAIAS CARLOS  GALVEZ
                                  6               6               6                        =  666         

As you can see from the two examples above, there are also names that would fall in the same category based on their explanation, and if we will consider their response to be a sound reasoning, we will be force to believe that the prophecy of God as mentioned by Apostle John have no particular fulfillment, and that would never be the case when we are talking about the characteristics of God’s prophecies.  Our detractors only want to get even with the INC, neglecting the fact that their method made them look ridiculous, so to speak. Because what they thought to be the fulfillment of the prophecy do not comply at all to the clues that the passage has mentioned so clearly.  The truth is, they cannot accept the result or the fulfillment of the prophecy that is mentioned in Revelations 13:18.  

Who is the fulfillment of the prophecy? Who is this man who has a name that when we count using our wisdom would equate to Six hundred and sixty six [666]?
Let’s continue our discussion…


The Roman Catholic POPE have a title known as ““VICARIUS FILII DEI”, a Latin phrase which means in English:  VICAR OF THE SON OF GOD, “Vicar” means either a substitute or “in place of”. During the early days of Catholicism, where the LATIN language was prominently used, the letter “V” instead of the letter “U” were usually used, which was also similar with the letter “J” were “I” was used instead. That’s why the word “VICARIVS” is similar to the word “VICARIUS”. The name JESUS for instance, is written in Latin as IESVS.  That’s why the popular “INRI” is IESVS NAZARENVS REX IVDAEORVM [JESUS NAZARENUS REX JUDAEORUM- Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews]

Some would oppose and would say that, what is mentioned in that passage is a NAME and not a TITLE of the man being prophesied.  That’s why there is a need for us to clarify this. 

What is the meaning of the word “TITLE”?.

“TI'TLE, n. -  An inscription put over any thing as a NAME by which it is known.”
[Webster’s 1828 Dictionary]

A TITLE, according to the Dictionary is a NAME put over anything so that by this it will be known, It can be used to designate either an object or a person.  Therefore the TITLE “VICARIUS FILII DEI” is a NAME that the Pope used for the purpose of recognition, that he is the VICAR or SUBSTITUTE OF THE SON OF GOD, which of course JESUS CHRIST.

Where we can find this NAME or TITLE

From a Catholic Newspaper which was published on April 18, 1915 which have a title “OUR SUNDAY VISITOR” this is written on page 3.

This document said:

“What are the letters supposed to be in the Pope’s crown, and what do they signify, if anything?  The letters inscribed in the pope’s mitre are these:  VICARIUS FILII DEI, which is the Latin for Vicar of the Son of God…”[Our Sunday Visitor, Bureau of Information section, page 3, April 18, 1915 Issue]

The words VICARIUS FILII DEI, was inscribed in the crown or his mitre which is worn by the POPE, this was clarified and proven to us by this Catholic Newspaper.  This crown is known as the Papal Tiara, or Tri-Crown, because it was literally three crowns placed on top of each. [You can see pictures of the Tiara above]

So if we’re going to return to what is mentioned by the passage:  “Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man”. By this instruction from the scripture, we must therefore count this TITLE and see if we will arrive with a number of Six hundred sixty six.

The Bible said let us use our wisdom and understanding.  It is without doubt that the letters especially in LATIN have an equivalent numerical value as you can see below.  This gave us a hint to use our understanding and knowledge in converting Roman Numerals to Hindu-Arabic Numbers that we use today:

By this method VICARIUS FILII DEI would be:

An undeniable truth that the sum of this TITLE is indeed 666 as in SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX and not Three 6’s side by side, isn’t it? But it cannot be avoided that some would still disagree, they would say that the letter “V” [VICARIUS instead of VICARIVS] should be the letter “U”, if that is the case, the resulting value will not be 666 but 661, since U, according to them, have no value in the Roman Numerals.

I have already explained in the earlier part of this discussion that the letters U and V are just equal in LATIN. Let us now prove this by means of showing you a concrete evidence:  Have you notice the spelling of the POST OFFICE BUILDING in Manila? Didn’t you notice that the word BUILDING is spelled as BVILDING? This is a very valid example and a concrete proof that in LATIN the letters U and V are just the same, therefore both have the same value of 5, that’s why it is indeed 666 and not 661 as they think it is.

But then again, our detractors would not be satisfied, they would resort again in another means of reasoning, by saying that there are also names or even titles of people in this world that if we use the same method as we have done [converting Roman Numerals to Hindu-Arabic] will also give a result of 666, so VICARIVS FILII DEI is just a coincidence and just part of the many.

Well let’s take one for our example:

The name above can’t be denied that upon using the same method, we also arrived in the result equal to 666. But is this a proof that because a person’s name resulted as such, would that mean that he or she is also the fulfillment of that prophecy? Again it would appear that this prophecy of the omniscient God would not have a particular fulfillment, because it will be fulfilled to thousands of people around the world. Then we would be left out again in to the pool of this endless guessing game.

But our God of course is indeed an All Knowing God and the Power of his Wisdom can’t be equaled. And of course God is not the author of confusion [1 Cor 14:33], this is a firm proof that God will never create confusion.  That’s why God made it clear through his Holy Book, by not just telling us about the number of the man who is likened to a beast, but also gave us the identifying marks on how we could really recognize him who he is. He also revealed to us the characteristics of that fellow being prophesied to remove all the confusion in our minds, and to aid us to pin-point the exact fulfillment of that prophecy.

The Identifying Marks of the man who has a name equal to 666

The prophecy clearly stated to us that the man being prophesied is likened to a beast.  Let us now determine to what kind of beast he was likened. If we study the characteristics of the beast then we would find out who is the man that is being prophesied. Because the man carries the characteristics of that beast from where he was likened by the prophecy.

Formerly, we read verse 18 of chapter 13 of Revelations, now we’re just going to go to several verses up and we will end up in verse 11, which reads as follows:

Revelations 13:11  “And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and HE HAD TWO HORNS LIKE UNTO A LAMB, and he SPAKE AS A DRAGON.” [RV]

This verse gave to us three distinctive characteristics of the beast which are:

1.       He had two horns” he had obtained two horns

2.      “Like unto a lamb” he will imitate the lamb or will make himself like a lamb

3.      “He spake as a dragon.-  what he would say and teach is from the teachings of the dragon

Let us now one by one discuss the three characteristics:

1.   He Had Two Horns

What does the horn in the Bible symbolizes?

Amos 6:13 “ye which rejoice in a thing of nought, which say, Have we not taken to us HORNS by our own STRENGTH?” [King James Version]

A horn symbolizes strength, therefore, the person being prophesied which have a number 666 have two horns, which means he have two strengths.

What is the meaning of the word STRENGTH and what word is synonymous with this? A dictionary will give as an answer:

“STRENGTH - That property or quality of an animal body by which it is enabled to move itself or other bodies. We say, a sick man has not strength to walk, or to raise his head or his arm. We say, a man has strength to lift a weight, or to draw it. This quality is called also POWER and FORCE.” [Webster’s 1828 Dictionary]

As we can see from the dictionary the word strength is synonymous with the words POWER and FORCE. So in other words, the man being prophesied have obtained TWO TYPES OF POWERS. Since we are insisting that the POPE of Rome is the fulfillment of the prophecy, let us now ask: Does the POPE have two kinds of POWER?

A well known Cardinal of the Catholic Church,  Cardinal Gibbons, will give us the answer:

 “The Popes were not only devoted SPIRITUAL FATHERS, but firm and valiant CIVIL GOVERNORS…” [Faith of Our Fathers, by James Cardinal Gibbons,  p. 113]

The Catholic’s Cardinal have confessed to us that the POPE indeed have a two kinds of POWER: SPIRITUAL POWER – he is a spiritual Father, and POLITICAL POWER – he is a Civil Governor. Therefore the POPE fits in the first Identifying Mark, let us now find out if he will also fit in the other two.

2.   Like unto a Lamb

Who is the Lamb that is mentioned in the Bible?

John 1:29  “The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the LAMB OF GOD, which taketh away the sin of the world.” [KJV]

It is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the LAMB OF GOD.  Therefore he is the one that is going to be imitated by the person being prophesied. How he’s going to do this? He will place himself into a stature like Jesus Christ and will try to copy Christ’s God given power and glory.

What is one of Christ’s power that God had give him?

Efesians 1:22  “And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the HEAD over all things to the CHURCH

Colosians 1:18  “AND HE IS THE HEAD OF THE BODY, THE CHURCH: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.” [KJV]

God made Christ the HEAD of the Church.  Does the POPE have this same stature?  Does the Catholic Church also introduced him as the HEAD of the CHURCH?

Another Priest of the Catholic Church will tell us:

"The pope, therefore, as vicar of Christ, is the VISIBLE HEAD of CHRIST'S KINGDOM on earth, THE CHURCH, of which CHRIST HIMSELF IS THE INVISIBLE HEAD." [Answer Wisely, by Rev. Martin J. Scott, p. 49]

The Priest named Martin J. Scott clearly told us in his book that the Pope, is the VISIBLE HEAD of the CHURCH on EARTH, and Jesus Christ is the INVISIBLE HEAD, which of course in HEAVEN, since that’s where he is now. That would mean that the Catholic Church have TWO HEADS, one in HEAVEN and one on EARTH?  Can we find a verse in the Bible which says the Church have two heads? Not only that, Does our Lord and Savior do not have jurisdiction over the earth? Doesn’t Christ have power also over the earth and not just the heavens?

Let us get our answer from Christ himself:

Matthew 28:18  “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH.” [KJV]

As bright as the morning sunshine were the proofs that the Pope is just claiming to have the same power as Jesus Christ’s posses, because very clearly said by Jesus that all power was given to him both in heaven and in earth.

We have also read above from the Book of the Priest that the Pope have a Title VICAR OF CHRIST [VICARIVS CHRISTI in Latin] or SUBSTITUTE OF CHRIST, therefore the Pope clearly placed himself equal to the Lamb or Jesus Christ, by making himself as Christ’s substitute on earth. Was that possible? Could anyone replace Christ in his post?  The Bible will clear that to us:

Hebrews 7:24  “But this man, because he continueth ever, HATH AN UNCHANGEABLE PRIESTHOOD.” [KJV]

Hebrews 7:24  “But Jesus lives on forever, and his work as priest DOES NOT PASS ON TO SOMEONE ELSE.” [Good News Bible]

Christ’s power, position, and glory that our God had given him cannot be taken by anyone, his position’s validity is until eternity. CHRIST HAVE NO SUBSTITUTE.  When they said that the POPE is the VICAR or SUBSTITUTE of Christ, this is another proof that the second identifying mark was again fulfilled with the Pope. Indeed this is a clear proof that he made himself LIKE UNTO A LAMB who is our Lord Jesus Christ. What the Pope and the Catholic Church had done here is a huge blasphemy against Jesus Christ and against God.

Furthermore, if we’re going to broaden our discussion a little bit more, we will also find out that not only Christ’s position is being copied by the Pope, which is considered as the Highest Priest of the Catholic Church, even his clothing is being duplicated:

From a Filipino Catholic Book this is written:

ANG PANANAMIT NG PARENG NAGMIMISA. Ang pareng gayak sa pagmimisa ay nakakatulad ni Jesukristo noong umakyat sa bundok ng kalvario." [Siya ang Inyong Pakinggan: Ang Aral na Katoliko, sinulat ng isang Pari na si Enrique Demond, sa Pahina 195]

Translation in English:

“THE CLOTHING OF THE PRIEST CONDUCTING A MASS.  The priest which is dressed in a mass is like Jesus Christ when he went up on mount Calvary.” [Hear Ye Him: a Catholic Doctrine, written by a Priest named Enrique Demond, page 195]

Very much indeed, that again the Pope fits to the second characteristic. Let’s go and try him with the third one.

3.   He Spake as a Dragon

Who is the Dragon being mentioned that its speech will be duplicated or imitated by the man who have a number 666 in his name?

Revelations 20:2  “And he laid hold on the DRAGON, that old serpent, which is the DEVIL, and SATAN, and bound him a thousand years,” [KJV]

The Dragon is the Devil and SatanThis would mean then that the words or the teachings of the Devil will be spoken by the man being prophesied. In other words, the meaning of “HE SPAKE AS A DRAGON” is this:  He is teaching the doctrines of Devils, which are:

1 Timothy 4:1  “But the Spirit saith expressly, that in later times some shall fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and DOCTRINES OF DEVILS,”

1 Timothy 4:3  “FORBIDDING TO MARRY, AND COMMANDING TO ABSTAIN FROM MEATS, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by them that believe and know the truth.”  [RV]

According to Apostle Paul, the two doctrines of Devils are: 

(1)Forbidding to Marry    

(2)Abstaining or commanding not to eat meats.”

Are these two doctrines can be found in the Popes teachings? Of course if we can prove there are teachings or doctrines like these in the Catholic Church, then we are certain that it is indeed the Pope that is undoubtedly the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelations 13:18.

Again Cardinal Gibbons has something to say about the first doctrine:

“The discipline of the Church has been exerted from the beginning in PROHIBITING PRIESTS TO MARRY after their ordination.” [ The Faith of Our Fathers, by James Cardinal Gibbons, page 379]

And another priest testified the other one, from the same book we quoted earlier:

"Sa ikalawang utos ay ipinaguutos ng Santa Iglesia sa atin na magayuno at HUWAG KUMAIN NG ANOMANG LAMANGKATI O KARNE sa mga araw ng ipinagbabawal niya." [Siya Ang Inyong Pakinggan: Aral na Katoliko, sinulat ng Paring si Enrique Demond, Page 139]

Translation in English:

“In the second commandment it is ordered by the Holy Church for us to perform fasting and DO NOT EAT ANY MEATS during those days that she prohibits.” [Hear Ye Him: a Catholic Doctrine, written by a Priest named Enrique Demond, page 139]

What else can we say. It is indeed and absolutely that the POPE is the fulfillment of the prophecy concerning the man that is likened to a beast who have a name or title that is equal to 666.  That’s why we are now quite certain that though there are some people who will have names or even titles that will be equal also to 666 after conversion, this will not mean that the prophecy was also fulfilled in them, unless the said identifying marks be found in them. 

Now we are absolutely sure that the POPE is undeniably the fulfillment, since all characteristics were found in him.  It is not a particular POPE among the hundreds, but the PAPACY, the position of being the POPE that carries the title: VICARIUS FILII DEI. Whoever person sits in power, he will be the Anti-Christ, because that post puts whoever he is in the position of the man who was likened to a beast whose name is equal to SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX. All the doubts and speculations ends here.

Are you going to stay in the religion where he is the ruler? Please, let us open our minds and our hearts to this truth… 


  1. galing pare, madami nang nag decode ng mga pangitain na yan ni Apostol Juan pero sa inyo ko lang nabasa ito tugmang tugma tol... sila na nga yun walang duda

  2. Sir Aerial, meron po nitong Video na tinalakay pa ni ka Levi Castro noon sa TV program natin,..pls sana ma upload din... den meron pa pong karugtong ito, binigyan ng TANDA ang mga itinalikod/naitalikod ng "beast" - "tanda sa kanang kamay at noo..".. Thnx.. God Bless po...



  5. Do you think it could simply be Rome (the scarlet wild beast), city of 7 hills/mountains (Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, Viminal), what of Caligula, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, as the image of the beast (around 39ad built a statue of his image in the temple in Jerusalem, claimed he was the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, that people should worship him as "Neos Heilios" the New Sun), Then you have Nero Kaisar of Rome, persecutor of Christians and also in Hebrew/Greek/Latin languages the letters in his name translate to 666 as well, also Arethas of Caesarea, who was given 6 titles all equal 666, and many more things that all seem to revolve around Rome. Even Adolf Hitler's salute and his political party were centered around an ideal of Roman Reformation. The question becomes, are any of these THE ANTICHRIST or one/few of many antiChrists that the bible predicts?

  6. Also Rome is responsible for the initial destruction f Herod's Temple in Jerusalem, the second location of the Arc of the Covenant, then also later the further burning of the temple's remains, as well as the destruction of Jerusalem all of which occurred circa 70AD.

  7. San nyo naman nakuha ang rOME ANG beast...hirap sa sekta gaya ng INC puro haka haka binabago ang ang history

    1. INC is not a sect. and we do not change or alter the history. it´s just that you do not know enough of it.

  8. to anonymous who commented Dec. 27



  9. 2nd Thessalonians 2:4
    "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

    Describes ALL Pope papal Person's very well

  10. Napakalinaw po ng paliwanag sana po maunawaan at maintindihan pa ng marami.



    1. SANTO PAPA...

      O SANTA PAPAH...



  12. The fact is, the title which INC uses for pope ‘Vicarius Fili Dei’ is a fabrication. Pope has no official title like this! Official title of the pope are:
    Vicar of Christ (Vicarius Christi),
    Servant of Servants of God ( Servus Servorum Dei ),
    Supreme pontiff ( Pontifex Maximus ),
    and successor of Peter ( Successo Petri ).
    No decree, letter or document ever written in the title ‘Vicar of the Son of God’ ( Vicar of Christ’s Latin numerical count is only 214 not 666 ). No popes use a crown in which ‘Vicarius filli dei’ is written !
    It is only a hallucination formed in the dirty minds when it is filled with satanic anger to destroy the only Church instituted by Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit, through the Successor of Peter.
    The Bible says: “The Lord has not sent you, and you have made this people to trust in a lie ( Jeremiah 28:15)
    An ignorant Christian, who is unaware of the official title of the Pope, may get confused by this argument!

    The 12 lessons of this book(Pandoktrina), against the holy Catholic Church, are used to confuse the Indoctrinee, who sits in front of the minister, attracted by advertisements of salvation in the TV shows of INC, thirsting to hear the Word of God! To make him a victim of these falsehoods, the minister uses different Bible translations! There will be many ‘bibles’ in the table of a minister which are to be changed cunningly, one after another, to get favorable words and interpretations, just for defending the claims of this Pandoktrina!
    It creates an impression in the Indoctrinee that the minister is quoting everything from the Bible! Thus Pandoktina becomes the master, and the different bibles, its servants!
    To make things safe, some catholic writer’s books will also be quoted out of context! (Those books are not given for further reading; if so, the Indoctrinee will become a better Catholic!).
    When the minister becomes successful in injecting this ‘poison of hatred’ in the minds of the Indoctrinee, he becomes worthy to be a member of INC, and taken for baptism.
    Most of their converts are nominal Catholics, the rural poor, illiterate and gullible, who does not know much about their faith to defend it.
    The Bible warns: “…You are mistaken, not understanding the scriptures, or the power of God.” (Mat22.29)
    Why do Catholics leave their faith? Mainly because of two reasons:
    ( 1 ) Indiscipline that they notice in the Church; maybe due to its large number of population. (All other Christians combined can not surpass the number of Catholics throughout the world.)
    ( 2 ) Ignorance ; many of them practice traditional Catholic customs without knowing why they do all these…It created a fertile land where anti- catholic elements get nourished.

    1. oh right. and what about the verses that say that the first Church will face apostasy, and death to those who remain faithful?

      i´m sorry. i don´t know the exact verse but i think i know the content.

      oh! and when was Lord Christ made God again?? sorry, i forgot the verse. and exactly who proclaimed it? hmm.

      but, i´m certain that he, Lord Christ himself, said that he is only human and that he is a messenger of God (he was sent to deliver the messages of his Father, which makes him His, God´s, Son) and that God is spirit in nature. i think that´s in Matthew. and yeah, i´m also pretty sure that Lord Christ said that the Father in Heaven is the ONLY GOD.

      or am i wrong? i´m sure you can answer that. for i´m sure it is YOUR MAN-MADE TEACHING that Lord Christ is God!

      you see, this big, fat ignorance of yours is what we hate!!

      So what if we use different versions of the Bible? isn´t it taught in your religion that all bibles are the same?? favorable words and interpretations?? now i´m speculating that you´re not so knowledgeable regarding the promise that no word, not even a comma nor a point(dot) will be added or deleted from the original transcription.

      and yeah, be sure to research about your Catholic customs well and compare it to the Bible. or should i say make the Bible the reference if your Catholic customs are even holy in His eyes. or better yet, just read the Bible and live-up to what´s written! though i´m sure you´ll end up searching for the INC if you do that.


    2. oh and i forgot. fabrication? by whom? by your own priest? funny. your own newspaper, statement of your own priest and here you are, disclaiming what that priest said. how pathetic.

    3. Apostates?Cultists?

      Sino ang nire-refer mo?Sarili ninyo o yung relihiyon mo?

  13. Golden Light Bearer,

    If you will read the article all over again, IT WAS NOT INC who labeled Pope with that name but the Catholic Authorities themselves. Hence, you are barking at the wrong tree.

    Don't get us wronged...we are not in any way angry to Catholics or against any sects of religions other than Catholics. Better to say what we feel is ....PITY... and not anger at all, never!

    "save others by snatching them from the fire; to others show MERCY, mixed with fear—hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh." - Jude 1:23, NIV.

    If INC expose the false teachings of other religions (not only Catholics), it's not out of anger but out of love and mercy instead. It is Church's duty, our duty, to share, to tell the truth for we are basically called in the true Church for that purpose.

    Now, how could you say that our basic doctrines (or the way you call it the 12 lessons of this book(Pandoktrina))is against the Catholic Church? Is it because most of it is against the beliefs and practices of Catholic Church? Then, you are barking at the wrong tree again. Blame it all to the Bible since we are just reading it, exposing the truth and unfortunately, Catholic Church just like the rest of other self-professed christians are being unmasked once the Bible speaks.

    1. Don't you think it is very unfair to say that those who believe are just confused? Just like you, INC converts enjoy the freedom of will, one of the best characteristics that God has given to man making himself superior above all creations. The only difference is that, they listened with open hearts and minds and have welcomed the truth with gladness in their hearts and now enjoying the joy of salvation. Unlike you, though you already know the truth, you still harden your heart, deliberately covering your eyes and turning away from the truth. And again...we are not angry to you because of that...WE PITY YOU ACTUALLY.

      And which practice do you think is founded in the truth: To baptize somebody on his on will...or to baptize an infant who is still powerless to practice his own will? Unequipped yet in knowing the "PURPOSE OF BAPTISM"?

      So who do you think deserves your warning? As quoted,
      The Bible warns: “…You are mistaken, not understanding the scriptures, or the power of God.” (Mat22.29)


    2. We enjoy the freedom the Catholics never tasted.

      So,hindi kami bulag,utu-uto o tanga na susunod.
      Sa Kasulatan nakabatay pamumuhay namin,hindi sa gawa ng mga Pari o Obispo.

  14. the articles I think were destroyed to cover everything.

  15. Are you able to ascertain or prove that the Papal Tiara you have shown with Vicarivs Fili Dei has not been photoshopped to include those words?

  16. This entire blog appears to have a fatal flaw.

    Catholic apologists answer the Protestant claims by noting that Vicarius Filii Dei has never been an official Papal title. Catholics answer the claims that "Vicarius Filii Dei" is written on the Papal Tiara by stating that a simple inspection of the more than 20 papal tiaras still in existence—including those in use in 1866 during the reign of Pope Pius IX when Uriah Smith made his claim—shows that none have this inscription, nor is there any evidence that any of the earlier papal tiaras destroyed by invading French troops in 1798 had it.

    I'm not Catholic, nor INC.


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